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We use a Hasselblad X5 Film Scanner – 35mm up to 4×5

All scans will be made at the highest possible resolution, unless otherwise requested. Negatives are cleaned before scanning and the digital files are lightly dusted.


Scanned files are securely uploaded via wetransfer, alternatively they can transfer to a customer provided hardrive. 

All scanning prices are based on a 72 hour turn around, however we do provide weekend and rush services.

Film                Resolution              Price per frame           Weekend/

                                                                                           48 hour rates

35mm             6300ppi                           £48                           £70
                        B&W 70MB
                        Color 200MB

120/220         3200ppi                            £48                           £70
                        B&W 80-140MB
                        Color 250-400MB

4x5                  2040ppi                           £48                           £70
                        B&W 163MB
                        Color 480MB

All types          .fff                                    £48                           £70

To book film in for scanning please send an email to

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